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Ring Holder

Ring Holder

24.95 $ - Free Shipping (VAT included)

Smartphones aren’t getting any smaller, that’s for sure. Our palms and fingers, however, struggle to keep up, and that’s where things (or phones, rather) start to “get out of hand”. Although our cases do an excellent job of protecting your >$1000 cell phone, it’s still better not to drop it. You wouldn’t bang your head against a wall if you could help it – even with a helmet on – would you?That’s where the Phone Ring Holder comes in. This small but ingenious accessory ensures your mobile phone stays in your hand, even when you’re not actually holding it. Stick the Cell Phone Ring Holder on the back of your device, slip your finger through the loop, and – voilà! – your phone’s not going anywhere.Bonus points:• You can use it as a stand.• It looks extra stylish & cute.• 360c rotation to use it anyway you want it.• Ultra-strong 3M VHB adhesive pad.• No sticky residue after detaching.

Snap Case

One-Piece Hard-Shell Design

Ultra-Thin, Sleek & Lightweight

Camera protected by raised case bezels around camera

For those who like the original shape of their phone


Tough Case

Dual-Layer: Silicone Interior + Hard Shell Exterior

Covers all around the phone

Raised Bezel for screen protection

Camera protected by raised case bezels around camera

Slim Profile & Comfortable to Hold

For those who need extra protection, while maintaining the style

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We assure you - LUCCASE phone cases are designed to maintain their vibrant prints without fading or peeling. We have complete confidence in the quality of our prints, which is why every purchase is backed by a 12-month international warranty.

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